1998 1500 5.2 Shuts Off Randomly

Asked by Aug 29, 2011 at 04:39 PM about the 1998 Dodge Ram 1500

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does anyone have an answer to the mysterious shutting off problem i have 1998 1500 5.2 that shuts off randomly and if i wait a few seconds to minutes it will start again. I have replaced all tune up parts, pick-up coil, ignition coil...new fuel pump... cant seem to figure it out no one will diagnose no computer code or check engine lite. i was told either computer going bad or distributer can anyone confirm so as not to be wasting money???

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Ceramic ignition resistor block on the firewall has failed, if you replace it the issue should go away

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I also had the same problem i replaced the idle air control valve and it solved my problem hope this helps cost me 15 bucks

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I have an 98 dodge ram 1500 5.2l

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Did you figure it out? my 96 is doing the same thing and I can't figure out what's causing it.

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If your truck has theft with a code key. It could be the theft module. Came across that problem on a Intrepid. When the module shut down, it couldn't read the key coad and would turn the car off. If you don't have theft, I would check the crank sensor. It could be going bad.

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its your ecu/ecm . the trucks computer is the issue bad connections

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does it do it when coming to a stop or when taking off from a stop or shifting from drive to reverse/vice versa? you clutch might be going if thats the case

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If its the computer it should give you a code one your odometer saying no bus. Mine had the same problem a few years ago

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I was told that my Ram 1500 does this same thing because my engine is wearing and the fines are poluting a sensor. once the sensor is wiped clean, it starts up again. My 1500 started sounding like a deisel about 5 years ago. I was told it would be several thousand to fix it, but it really gave me no problems. Once in awhile at 70 or 75mph it would start surging. But that was rare and no big deal. I think I'm now at a point where I need to sell or repair. IT is happengin every week or two.

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I have a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 with a 5.2 and I bought it after it had been sitting 8 years and it ran strong for a day or two then on my way home it stared losing power and cutting out and then died. I let it sit for a second then tried to start it back up and it wouldn't start unless pedal was full throttle so I took the old fuel pump out and put a new one in and it still runs only for a second then you try to give it gas and it shuts off I mean this truck has no power. I replaced the ignition coil too and no change. I just don't see how it goes from running great to nothing at all. this is my only transportation so if anyone could help me I would really appreciate it.

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If you have replaced the pickup coil in the distributor the crank sensor will do this a lot, it is located on the passenger side at the top of the transmission between the engine and transmission, it can be removed from top just lay on the cool engine, passenger side and 2 bolts hold it on , it slips straight up and out, they are pricey, but that is what normally goes out on the ones I have repaired....get a good one dont spend on the cheap one

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Where gas filter in maybe I need to replace..in my dodgeram 1500 v8 magnum. 5.2 .year 99

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i got an 01 5.2 it shuts down when driving and it could start right back up or be down for 4 hours later i have replaced pick up coil cap and rotor plugs wires crankshaft sensor throttle body sensor oxygen one with it tryed taking the brick out of the CAT it was all dust after i took the brick out it ran good for 300 miles and started the sudden death thing agin has power and crank but no start

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Ok, I posted a while back about the electronic control was killing me because no diagnostic codes would occur. I could force failures to determine my diagnostic tool was working. After checking everything that goes into the module was ok and not failing I took a chance and swapped it out with one from a junk yard. Fixed in and has been doing fine for almost 10K miles now. Still you got to wonder how many have died when this defect shows up. The damn thing always overheated and died just as I would pull out in traffic. I am glad I did not take it to the shop to have it diagnosed. I doubt they would have ever figured it out since it was intermittent.

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I have a Dodge ram 1500 4x4 v8 magnum 5.9L .97" All of a sudden when I go to start it, it turns over and runs for a second I have to hold the gas until it idils over 1, for about 5 mins and then it will be fine! But as the truck did to me today I was driving in an intersection and it completely died no steering no breaks nothing (mind u I'm a 22 year old small girl) almost crashed into to someone but it does start right back up but I'm so scared at having to stop at a light bc it idils almost at "0". At this point I don't know what to do I gave it a complete tune up and all but getting worse as the days go on! Help!

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I had the same problem captain kirk here to help it cuts off because some way it lose power I put a zip tie on the cord to hold the wire on the top of the coil and bottom tie I promise you it would fix your problem cost let then a buck let me know if it solve the problem because I had no check engine light on or nothing

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Well I had same problem and poured about 1000 dollars into it and found out it was just clogged fuel filter on the pump in tank

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My best guess is you have you have an emissions problem. Your getting air in your gas line and your O2 sensor is doing it's job identifying that. I had the same issue on my 97. Could be something as small as a loose gas cap to a clogged catalytic converter. Inspect your fuel lines and filler neck on your tank that's where my problem was. Dry rotted hose. Leaked gas when I went to fill up my tank. All I did was take it apart and applied self forming gasket around the seal (gasoline resistant of course) put her back on and righted the hose clamp. Disconnected my battery from the positive terminal for 20 mins and just like that no check engine light no issues. Been 6 months since her last stall.

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Had the same problem in a 1998 1500 V8 4x4. Changed out the ignition sensor and the problem went away.

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QUESTION*** 96 ram V8 magnum. Sometimes she starts up just fine, I can drive all day with out it dying. Other times, (like right now) it won't start, when it dies it just goes. No warnings. But I've noticed that when I get to about 20- 25mph, that's when I lose steering and breaks, and all my engine lights come on..... anyone have a clue to what it may be? danicalkins@gmail.com

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Question. I've got a Dodge Ram 1500 2000 model my girlfriend set off the anti theft system but I turned it off drove it for two days then it shut off again tries to start but won't. Checked the fuel rail and it was getting gas I asked everybody I knew if they knew why it was doing that. Is there anyway to fix it? Because when you poor gas down the throttle body it will start right up just won't stay started

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I have a 99 dodge ram 2500 van with the 5.2 it kept randomly coming up with a crank sensor code while bucking and misfiring, I changed everything related including the timing chain and it turned out to be the Alternator was emitting RF and confusing the computer, unplugged my alternator and it would run great , plug it back in and it would start skipping and misfiring. Alternator try unplugging the snap in connector and driving it , if it clears! there is your problem.

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Dodge ram 1999 turn of after 30 minutes I have no idea what it could be help me please!!

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We have a 2005 alt 1500 quad, it would do it more when we had a locking gas cap, took that off. It has happened a few times 2- 3 since then.


I have a 2001 Dodge truck when I'm driving my truck it feels like it wants to cut off but it does not cut off what is the problem can anyone tell me

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Get rid of the dodge and get a ford are chevy wich is what im about to do they constantly keep having all kinds of issues sell it while u can.


go to this sight my 96 was doing the same thing its a bad wire from the crankshaft position sensor to the computor brain throws code 11 and 12 check engine light never comes on just stops dead sorry the sight is http://dodgeram.info/Engine-Gas/OBDI/Fault-11.htm i hope this will help u it was a hair puller for me


I have a 1995 dodge ram 1500 4x4 5.2 engine . My truck is a 5 speed manual shift. Ext cab truck. I would be driving it and all of a sudden shut off. It will start back up after some minutes go by. I have replaced all of theses parts. Distr Cap Plug wires Plugs Pick up coil Ignit coil Fuel pump Fuel strainers I dont kno wat else to change to be for sure. I put a new batery on today checked all vacum lines. I have no clue on wat to do Crank sensor gettin changed 2moro. Plz help . I need my ride cant aford a new 1. Plz plz plz.


i had the same problem for months here what i came up with you have a short in one of the wires from the crankshaft position sensor there is three wires on mine i understand some only have 2 this is what would happen to me i would be going down the road and bam the truck acted like i just turned the truck of did a check engine light obII test and would get code 11 and code twelve i discovered it by accident trying to restart it i drained the battery to low a friend brought me his jump box after attaching the jump box i was lightly moving the different sections of the wiring harness when i tuged on the one that goes in behind the distribitor the jump box made an unusual noise i had found my secondary ground short i now have my 96 dodge 4x4 ram 1500 back I really hope this helps you it took me months of searching to discover this

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? For you Judy. I put a new crank sensor in today hoping it would fix it. But unfortunately it didnt . So basically is what i need to do is go back down to truck an jus check all grounds and check all wire hookups. Its my daughters first truck and im just totally lost on it. I will do wire checks an double check everything.


Ok i went checked all wires . What i can see none are bare,all are connected an all grounds in place. Double checked vacum lines. All is hooked up and in the right place according to diagrams i got from auto zone . Is what i dont understand is it will run fine sitting still. I can go forward a bit an then back. But wen i go to leave parking lot i make it to the stop sign an it jus shuts off. Wait a few minutes are so an it will start back up. I just dont know what to do.


okay its grounding out one of the three wires will have a slit in it when u r driving the truck it moves the wire just enough to spark have u done a check engine light obII test yet if not this is how u will do it get in vehicle you turn the key on to where there is power the dash lights up but you r not turning the engine over and u will have to have a pen and paper you will need to count flashes that the check engine light does it will blink blink blink pause blink blink pause untill u get 5 blinks so sa 1 blink pause blink blink that would be code 12 all codes doing the check engine light will be double digit i typed in brouser check engine light obII codes for dodge and it gave me all the codes i tried putting a reader on my truck but it would just come back error when i did the check engine light it came back 12 11 11 is no crank signal at pcm and 12 battery has been diconnected mine had a short here is a web sight that can help u its geno"s garage it gives u the test to see if it is a short or if you lost the hall effect sensor because that is the only two things i can think of see i knew mine was a short because when i would grab the wire harness that runs inbehind the distributor i didnt have to wait it would turn over emediatly this is what my truck would do i would be driving along and bam i was having to power drive the dumb thing breaking everything dead gone wait fifteen minutes and i mean fifteen minutes it would start up it was driving me nuts it was hot and it quit had my 2 dogs with me so i cranked on it pretty hard the only thing i did was drain the batteryput a jump box on it and i was wiggling the wires when it made a crackling noise from the jump box thats how i new there was a short hope this helps i have a question is her tank half empty there was a posting where a guy was doing similar to stalling out but it was a short in the wires that ran from the gas tank the ground wire i found it on dodge form but that wasnt my trucks problem


See thing about it is that the truck will run fine sitting still. Idles freat. I can rev the engine up and it will run great. But as soon as i take off in 1st gear it will go about 35 to maybe 40 feet and just shut off i mean bam no lights on dash are anything. Wait a bit an it starts back up . The tank is 3/4 full. I will check to see if i have any wires underneath bare . Also check ground i did a fuel pump swap last week so i double check. I will let you know what i find. . I will also do the engine light test if it lets me. There is no catalytic converter on her truck so check engine light stays on. Thx Judy

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did the stalling start happening after the fuel pump swap

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No it sure didnt. Truck has been doing this for a month now going on 2 months. I swapped fuel pump to hope fix problem. .

I have a 91dodge Van 250 was shutting off while I driving find out the craftsensor was bad and is located inside the distributor on a 5.2 engine


My 97 B2500 it did the same thing, when cold start would die unless you held your foot just above idle for less than a minute. It was the idle air control valve.

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