Heater Is Not Working.

heater was disconnected because it was always on and blowing hot all the time. A friend disconnected it and said he would fix it for the winter. He moved I have NO idea what he did. HELP !!!PLEASE

2001 Chrysler Neon

Got a good one for ya'll. It seems I might have a pcm on the fritz but throwing no codes. Everything runs good except when the check engine light comes on it will miss a bit, AGAIN no codes. When th...


Is Chrysler Neon A Good Car?

Can someone explain, in detail how good is the chrysler neon


Urgent - How To Start My Neon

My Neon was recently stolen and found a few days later...mostly in one piece however the thief broke off the ignition lock and was using a screwdriver or some other implement to start the car. I am be...

Will Spark Plugs Fire If Timing Belt Broken?

2001 Neon RT 2.0L - plugs get spark, fuel to injector rail, no leaks, no noises, cranks strong, loud pop after/during cranking. Isn't the cam position sensor responsible for the firing of the plugs? ...