My 1993 Chrysler Lebaron Quit On Me Twice Today Once When I Was Parking And...

When I turned the key nothing came on after bout five minutes it cut on but it seemed like it was dead what could it be?


Cranks But Won't Start

Car cranks, no start, no fuel , no spark. 3.0 6 cual.

Car Won't Start

I bought this car drove it just fine for a week or so then it had trouble starting once or twice but still did now it died once while idling and now it won't start

1990 Chrysler LeBaron Convertable

The rear window motors don't function, and replacement motors seem impossible to find. Getting to them is very hard, but I have the local dealer removing them in the hopes that replacement motors c...

Keyless Entry 1988 Chrysler Convertible?

Does the 1988 Chrysler Convertible with the 2.2 turbo V4 have keyless entry?