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Transmission Problems?

I need to know how to fix a transmission on 1997 chrysler lhs wont get out of 1st gear and sometimes it wont go into reverse when i cut the car off and when i crank it up again it acts normal like n...

2000 Chrysler LHS - Is It Overheating?

I have a 2000 LHS with 137,000 miles on it. I acquired the car when the previous owner had given up trying to fix what seemed to be an overheating problem. The car has been impeccably well maintai...

A606 LHS Transmission

On the way to work my daughters 97 LHS made a "klunk" sound and the tach and speedometer both shot up as if the car were speeding up. But the car slowly rolled to a stop. I tried when I got there to m...


1994 Chrysler LHS Overheating

I just bought a 1994 Chrylser LHS and the sucker keeps overheating. I ran it probably 10-20 miles when i first got it, and it ran pretty fine. then i checked the thermostat and it was missing, so i ...


My car keeps running hot. I just put water in it yesterday and went to look this morning, it was completely empty. Is it just a leak or should I be expecting ge worst

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