Car On Salvage Title

So my title is salvaged and now the sunroof exploded, it only has 83,000 miles on it, and I need to value it for possible sale or trade

Need Help Car Running Hot

93 Concord teams coming out of the belts I'm getting water in the back floorboard running hot

Car's Firing When I Turn The Key But The Engine Just Doesn't Fire Up.

Turning the key and everything sounds like the engine should fire up but it does, it just keeps cranking. Popping the hood the engine compartment nothing looks like there is a problem. What should I...

I Turn The Ignition To The "on" Position And The Starter Will Not Engage. ...

The car will not start, computer was reset, engine light does not come "on"

Could You Help Me With Figuring Out What Is Wrong Work My Car?

My car runs real rough when I accelerate. I did a diagnostic at autozone and the codes were po016,po700,po481,po480,po888 and po846. I have replaced the cam and crank shaft sensors but it still ru...