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2001 Chrysler 300M Transmission Issue

The car believes it is still in drive when it still shifts between each of the gears, when placed in park, it rolls to a stop in both directions, reverse only moves in reverse with ease, neutral is...


What Causes The Interior Dome Lights To Stay On Constantly?

I have swapped out the headlight switch and the problem persists. PCM module has recently been replaced and the alternator was recently replaced. The interior lights started staying on after that. ...

Cd The Serpentine Belt Be The Cause Of My A/c To Blow Hot

My serpentine belt squealed for over a year, (my nephew said, "you have plenty of time.")...Several months ago my air started blowing out hot air but if I switched it off/on it wd cool. Are these 2...

Chrysler 300M Overview

The Chrysler 300 name has certainly stood the test of time. The badge has its origin in Chrysler's limited production "letter series" of performance luxury cars built from 1955 to 1965. After the 1965 300L, the series was discontinued. Thus, the 300M name attempts to connect the car to its roots.
Chrysler was challenged to find the ideal combination of performance and luxury, and in 2002 the series was split into 2 distinct models. The 300M's counterpart was the performance-focused Special, which added a sport suspension, larger brakes, a more powerful engine, and slightly different interior and exterior details. Both cars were powered by a 3.5 liter V-6, mated to a four-speed automatic transmission with Chrysler's AutoStick manual shifter. Despite a marginal horsepower difference, both cars traveled from 0 to 60 in around 7.5 seconds.
The 300M series was the final use use of Chrysler's LH cab-forward design, which maximized interior space. The 300M's successor would be built atop the former Mercedes E-Class platform, creating an entirely new 300. Both 300M received much acclaim for comfort and performance, but Chrysler reputation for reliability was hampered by small but frequent nags like mechanical failures, electrical problems, and interior degradation.

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