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My Traction Control Comes On When The Lights Are Turned On. I Loose My Crui...

This is a 1997 car

Shift Into Park!!!

the machanic at thedealer ship said its a micro censer in the shifter itself. and that its a 250oo part. and since my car is ten yrs old that it took a seasoned hand to disasimble the consol. Anywa...

2006 Cadillac STS

I have a 2006 STS Cadillac when I was going down the road the car started to slow down so I pulled it over and I turned it off and it didn’t have no Oil It took 4 quarts there was no knocking or a...

Won’t Start

I have a 05 Cadillac STS and it’s currently in theft mode and won’t start. How can I disable the theft lock and start my car

2008 Cadillac STS W/missfire Around 45-55 MPH

Have a 2008 Cadillac STS that seems to have a misfire when you excellerate to around 45-55 MPH. No other issues, just that sudden bump, bump.

Cadillac STS Overview

The lone Cadillac with the palindrome for a model name got its start in 2005 as the successor to the Seville. This luxury sedan has 4 doors and seats 5. In addition, the STS has always offered a V6 and V8 powertrain.

Like any good stock portfolio, the Cadillac STS emphasizes diversification. Trims have expanded from a simple V6 and V8 in '05 to increasing variations on both powertrains as well as the stronger STS-V.

As of 2007, the STS offers 3.6 L, 255 hp V6 and 4.6 L, 320 hp V8 powertrains. Expect exterior changes and other adjustments for 2008 and beyond.

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