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2009 Caddilac STS GPS/Clock Issue

I tried those directions on my Cadillac 2009 STS and there is no screen that says change GPS time. I was able to get in using the code but the screens are different. Anyone have any ideas?

Cadillac STS 2005

My car is having problem rolling when put in drive I have to pretty much get on the gas to make it go anywhere, it seems to roll pretty decent when put in reverse but nothing when put in drive unt...

Steering Wheel Heater

My steering wheel heater stopped working and it's one of my favorite accessory. Is there a fuse for this??

2006 Cadillac STS Crank But Won’t Start

Car was running fine then a winter storm came thru temps down to -17 a whole day passed and didn’t start the car. When I did the battery was dead. Put it on a trickle charge for a few hours and go...

What Size Tires Are Best For An 2007 STS V6 On 20s

Trying to find the best size so my tires so they won’t rub against anything. I have 20 x 8.5 rims I’m wanting to put on it please. Thank yo hand god bless.

Cadillac STS Overview

The lone Cadillac with the palindrome for a model name got its start in 2005 as the successor to the Seville. This luxury sedan has 4 doors and seats 5. In addition, the STS has always offered a V6 and V8 powertrain.

Like any good stock portfolio, the Cadillac STS emphasizes diversification. Trims have expanded from a simple V6 and V8 in '05 to increasing variations on both powertrains as well as the stronger STS-V.

As of 2007, the STS offers 3.6 L, 255 hp V6 and 4.6 L, 320 hp V8 powertrains. Expect exterior changes and other adjustments for 2008 and beyond.

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