CarGurus Gives Cars a Voice with DriverFinder

First-ever technology gives cars the opportunity to select their owners

Cambridge, Mass. – April 1, 2017 – Today the car shopping site CarGurus officially launched DriverFinder, a groundbreaking feature that will take finding the right car to a whole new level. Until today searching for a car has been a one-way street with car owners driving the process, leaving the vehicles with no chance to voice their opinions.

In this age of self-driving cars and advanced Artificial Intelligence technology, cars are essentially people too. This makes it critical to take their feelings into consideration during the car shopping process. While CarGurus has traditionally given shoppers the ability to chat and get more information about a car, now cars can get that same level of information about their potential owners.

CarGurus’ DriverFinder provides this underserved population with a way to vet and filter their owners instead of just the other way around. Finding the right car is at CarGurus’ core and DriverFinder extends this by giving the car a real voice in the transaction. This brings the vehicle’s own emotion into the car buying process and ultimately delivers a deeper, longer lasting connection between the car and its owner.

“CarGurus is built on the premise of transparency and helping people find the right car for them, but the last thing we want is a match that has only taken money and features into account without factoring in the car’s point of view,” said Jasper Rosenberg, Car Whisperer at CarGurus. “No one has ever asked a car’s opinion of their potential owner, and we want to bring that deeper connection to the car-buying process. As of today, cars finally have a voice thanks to CarGurus’ DriverFinder.”

Chatting through DriverFinder is as easy as finding a car on CarGurus. When a car shopper finds the right vehicle, they just click the “Chat with Car” button on that page to begin their car-versation.

“I really could have used this service when I was for sale,” said CEO Langley Steinert’s Toyota Highlander. “Sure, I live in a nice cozy garage but my seats are more fur and crumbs than leather thanks to the three kids and two dogs! I’m just relieved that cars finally have a voice just like everyone else.”

CarGurus plans to build on this new platform in the coming year by allowing cars to access important driver history information such as medical and financial records. This will allow the vehicle to select a driver and transact completely online, arriving in its new owner's driveway without the hassle of any human interaction.

This is just another example of how CarGurus always innovates in April, including previous launches like its innovative Vinder car search product.

Brian Kramer