Do People Really Give Cars As Gifts At The Holidays?

CarGurus Survey Shows It’s Rare But Does Happen, And There’s A Right Way To Car Gift

Cambridge, Mass. – November 20, 2017 – It’s that time of year when automakers promote the fantasy of surprising loved ones with a new car wrapped in the quintessential giant red bow. But do people actually give cars as gifts at the holidays? According to a survey conducted by CarGurus, a leading automotive online marketplace, the answer is yes, although it is rare. Only 11% of people that reported having received a car as a gift for a special occasion received that car for the winter holidays. According to the survey, it’s actually much more likely for someone to receive a car as a gift for a birthday (35%) or a graduation (43%).

For those considering this uncommon but grand gift gesture for a loved one, the survey also found the keys to creating a memorable experience. Respondents that received a car as a gift on special occasions expressed the following:

• The giant bow may seem like a fleeting detail, but it’s what drove the biggest smiles. Those that had a giant bow on the car were the most surprised (52%) and the happiest (74%).
• There’s no need to get a gift receipt for this particular present. Nearly half (44%) of people not involved in choosing the car said it completely or mostly matched what they would have chosen for themselves.
• Don’t worry about spoiling the big reveal because you’re worried about choosing the right car. The survey data showed that 70% of people who were extremely surprised by receiving a car as a gift said it completely or mostly matched what they would have chosen for themselves.

“Winter time means that there will soon be holiday ad campaigns showing a shiny new car in the driveway, and some may think that the elated reaction is overdone,” said Madison Gross, senior manager of consumer insights at CarGurus. “Yes, those dream-like moments are rare, but big red bow moments do actually happen from time to time and interestingly, gift-givers do a really good job of shopping for the right car for their friends and family. With solid research and a great deal on a new or used car you can create an unforgettable moment with a loved one.”

CarGurus’ survey shows that giving a car as a gift is all about creating a special experience. One survey participant told CarGurus his story, saying, “[I] wanted this red convertible Pontiac Sunbird when I was 17. [I] went to the dealer to look at it and was told it had been sold. It had a huge red bow on it. I was extremely disappointed until my dad told me he was the one who bought it, for me, for my graduation.”

Another respondent who had been surprised with a Lexus said, “After getting into a bad car accident, on Christmas morning I went out to find a new-to-me car with a massive red bow on it. I couldn't have been happier.”

These observations are based on an October 2017 online survey of more than 1,000 participants who have been given a car as a gift, excluding the occasion of receiving their first car. Survey participants were 18 years of age and older.

Full survey results can be viewed here.

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