REVolution Car Sound Search

Imitate the sound of the engine and we'll find the car you're looking for...right down to the color.

Rev it up!
Heads up! We'll need your permission to access your location and microphone to bathe you in all the awesomeness of this product.
Person making sound into phone and phone speaking picture of car

What is REVolution?

Remember as a child playing with your first toy car? Making it race around a corner? Revving its engine before sending it down a death-defying ramp? At CarGurus, we know that childlike spirit lives in all of us, and we have brought that same magic to the very grown-up process of car shopping.

Now, with CarGurus new REVolution Sound Search Engine, you can make the engine sound of the car you're interested in and we'll show you the best local deals that match your sound search. Our REVolution technology is so precise that it can distinguish between the practical hum of a Toyota Prius and the look-at-me whisper of a Tesla Roadster.

Cars speaking different audio wavelengths

Who spawned such an ingenious product?

Inspiration came to CEO Langley Steinert when awoken one night by the thundering roar of a car racing down his normally quiet suburban street: "I rushed to the window but failed to identify the car from the disappearing tail lights. I knew that I could recreate that primal sound! That very next morning, we started work on a tool to translate my vocal stylings directly into a car search."

Langley waking up to a roaring car outside bedroom window

How is this possible?

CarGurus crowdsourced recordings of friends, families and fellow employees to replicate the engine sounds of their favorite vehicles. Then, engineers leveraged modern neural network and machine learning algorithms combined with patent pending quantum frequency splinter techniques to generate these audio models with unheard of accuracy.

Picture of people making different sounds into microphones
† REVolution and CarGurus Car Sound Search are registered imaginary products created solely for April Fool's Day. Any likeness to actual people or products is completely coincidental. No vehicles or engineers were harmed in the process of creating this useless tool. Any data collected will be used to further advance lemur world domination.