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2617 W Roosevelt Blvd
Monroe, NC 28110

Sales: (704) 302-1885

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May 17, 2018
a pb
he was nice and responsive
May 5, 2018
They responded quickly and even waited past the closing time to let me test drive the car. I didn't buy the car but the dealer is very nice.
Apr 7, 2018
They were very friendly and helpful. Not pushy, I told them my price limit and what I was looking for and they were able to accommodate me.
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Apr 4, 2018
Car would not start
Mar 14, 2018
Great communication, always replied and I got the car I wanted. They even worked with me on the down payment. Definitely would recommend.
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Mar 11, 2018
Great experience! Joe responded to my emails quickly and answered all my questions. Ended up buying the car and am incredibly happy with my purchase. They made the process easy and treated me fairly.
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Response from current dealership:
Thank You so much for your Business , we really appreciate you , and hopefully we will always be able to serve you for your new car.
Thanks Luke
Best Regards
Joe Dada
Mar 9, 2018
I called ten minutes ago and the owner was extremely rude when I asked him if he had checked the engine given that he got the car 10 days ago. He began yelling at me and told me the car wasn't for sale and not to call back. Please shop else where if you can. If the owner can become so irate when asking about the engine I can only imagine the condition of his cars.
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Mar 2, 2018
Mary Littlejohn
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Feb 21, 2018
Yes these some real good guys help me out a lot so I highly recommend. ....
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Jan 8, 2018
Great doing business with you.
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Dec 16, 2017
I love these guys. Got me the car i wanted and was quick about it. Want to give a big shout out to RJ my salesman. DALLAS COWBOY fan like myself. He and his staff all the way to finance were great!!!!! Love you guys and thank you sooo much!!!!!
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Nov 19, 2017
I called about the 2009 Audi A4 to make sure there wasn't any issues, the owner, Joe, assured me that everything looked brand new except for the headliner was falling down. I called a few days later, when i was planning to go look at the car 2 hours and 40 mins away from Asheville, another guy answered and tried to tell me that nothing was wrong with the car at all, interior or exterior. I then insisted on talking to Joe because I know this other guy wasn't familiar with the car or was being dishonest. Joe called back and said the headliner was still peeling. I called the lot, the same guy answered, not Joe, saying that the headliner wasn't peeling it was the rear light that was falling out of the ceiling and they fixed it. So I went on my way to Monroe 2 hours and 40 mins later I get there, and immediately I saw scratches on the car, the tint on the window was peeling, and a small dent. Once I looked inside the car there were cracks in the leather of the driver seat and the headliner was not only peeling it was also DISGUSTING. My dad insisted I still take a test drive, though I already knew I wasn't buying the car. So we took it off the lot and about 1 mile down the road we started smelling oil burning, so we lifted the hood and it was smoking. It stoped and the dealers insisted it was because they had just fixed an oil leak that morning... okay, or didn't fix it. The only reason I didn't give 1 star was because the lot had inexpensive cars, and the owner, Joe, was honest and not pushy like the other guys he employed. I wouldn't suggest driving more than 30 mins to check a car out at this dealer. They also let you take the car to the mechanic, WHICH I HIGHLY SUGGEST, because they do all their car work there. They buy junk cars and act like they fix them to brand new. Overall a very bad experience with these people.
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Oct 2, 2017
My wife and my daughter and I drove 2 and a half hours too go buy a vehicle that we found on this website and it Was not at all what it was in the pictures we saw. The vehicle's exhaust was all rusted, the seats were all scratched up, THE ENGINE LIGHT WAS ON and the keys lock button was smashed so therefore did not work. Wasted more then half my day going to see this Vehicle and also had to take off work. When I approached one of the salesmen about the car and asked why it was not what it looked like in the pictures he seemed like he could care less. He also said the car "was not for everyone." Would NOT recommend doing business with this car dealership.
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Sep 17, 2017
Talked with the dealer for a few days for a suv he had on the lot that seemed like a good deal. After checking out the pictures and agreeing on a price that I thought was a really good deal I decided you purchase the vehicle since it was exactly what I was looking for. I talked to him on the phone and asked him if there were any problems with it and he told me of one problem which I knew was common with those vehicles and assured me the car was in great shape and looked perfect. I rented a car and drove 400 miles to get the car. He has a guy pick me up at the car rental place and immediately I should have just gotten back in the car and went home. The car he was in looked extremely rough, no a.c., and he had a flat tire. He drove like a madman to the dealership. The car was supposed to have been ready when we got there along with paperwork. The owner wasn't there and the car wasn't out front. It was locked in a fenced in area in the back that looked like a junkyard. The window was down in the car, the inside was covered in dust and filth, there were stains, multiple things broken. A dent in the back quarter panel and huge scratch, a chunk missing out of the sidewall on a tire, it was in terrible shape. The owner never showed up. I had to rent another car to get home. I spent over $600 to go to this junk yard dealership after being lied to about the quality of the car. After finally hearing back from the dealer he simply said it was a miscommunication. I would not buy anything here. Apparently they buy junk cars and try to get them pretty enough to sale. All the pictures are taken at the right distance and the right angle to make it look good. I'm out over $600. But maybe I can save some other people their hard earned money. Run away from this place. It's worth it to pay extra somewhere nicer and now trustworthy.
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Aug 8, 2017
Dealer response was very prompt and professional I am a handicapped cap individual. I could drive that far and find the lot as well. I really wanted to make that purchase. I relayed that message. They Could've brought the vehicle and contract to my house.
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Jun 2, 2017
They did respond back quickly. I went into the dealership on Saturday test drove, spoke with owner. He was very nice, him and I had a discussion. I called back on Tuesday he wasn't as nice and was told something entirely different than in person about our discussion of deposit. That made me second guess my decision.
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Response from current dealership:
I am sorry this is Joe the owner which car and deposit are u talking about??
Thank You
May 31, 2017
Great people, they responded fast, and I left with an amazing car that was in great condition.
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Response from current dealership:
Thank you for the Feedback , it was a pleasure doing business with you, hope to see you back when you are ready for your next :)
Apr 22, 2017
Great communication. Heard back quickly and gave me upfront pricing and no gimmicks. We were a few hours away and ended up buying something else so we didn't visit the dealership but were encouraged by the straight-forward-ness.
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Response from current dealership:
Thank you Andrew I appreciate the feedback, maybe you will get the next car through us thanks again :)
Apr 14, 2017
From the second I stepped onto Dada Auto, I knew this is where I would buy my new vehicle. Everybody was so nice, attentive, answered all my questions, and truthful. I purchased a Chevrolet Equinox and I have to say I have never seen a used vehicle in such excellent condition. His prices were beyond fair and after dealing with multiple dealerships I was treated the best at Dada. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for a vehicle to Dada and I will be purchasing more vehicles from them in the future. Thanks guys for all your help!
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Response from current dealership:
Thank you Miss Kayla for doing business with us.. you have become a family to Dada Auto
Jan 14, 2017
I purchased a BMW 5 series sedan not the truck originally thought to purchase. I bought within 3 days of test drive off lot. These guys were very helpful. Although you have to watch the pricing, it was an overall good experience. Things were very smoothie in the process. I recommend them for quality pre-owned cats at reasonable prices.
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Response from current dealership:
Thank you Asunte for your feedback and honesty.. we will be looking forward to seeing you when ready for next purchase.. Thanks.
Dec 15, 2016
DO NOT BUY FROM THIS DEALERSHIPS. Dishonest individuals who do not care about the buyer. They are nice until you get your vehicle then don't care anymore. Thoroughly displeased with this dealership and would strongly advise others to avoid this place
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Dec 12, 2016
Moe was very helpful. Good experience to date. Still working through our search, but they are still in consideration.
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Aug 26, 2016
Dealer claimed there was a tow package on this car, where the pictures did not show a receiver on it. I asked what he meant by a tow package, and he said it was to tow whatever I wanted behind it. Huh. Probably still thinks it has one.
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Jul 31, 2016
Very easy in doing the loan application process. I bought all the things that Ollie requested within about an hour I was taking a test drive to the bank to get my down payment. Signed the short loan application, he put the temporary tag on my car, two weeks he should have my permanent plate. The car was very clean and ready to go. I drove it off the lot, and I will buy from them again. The price was about $3000 less than any other car I looked at of the same year and condition.
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Jul 30, 2016
nice guy. called and said car was under contract but would call back if anything changed
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May 12, 2016
The owner Joe was very professional, I felt like i own the place, gave me the keys to test drive and if i want i can take to any mechanic to be satisfied, showed the car fax Over all I am very pleased with the van and also the service , Price was very aggressive and below market price , I wish he had 2 I would get the 2nd one as well thanks Shahid
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Feb 19, 2016
I spent 3 days dealing with Dada Auto Inc. They owner, Joe worked diligently to get me the financing necessary to get the truck I wanted. I bought the truck as-is and am generally satisfied with my purchase. However, after leaving hte lot, I noticed a few things that I hadn't noticed before. The a/c wasn't working, the keyless remote wasn't working and there were a few other minor issues. I was able to program the keyless entry remote by myself after watching a YouTube video. I contacted Dada Auto for assistance and was told that since hey made no money on the sale, they wouldn't be able to help any further. I feel like he was being honest about that, however, I do feel some kind of way about buying a $16k car with no a/c. Like I said, I am overall happy with my experience there.
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Jan 25, 2016
So far so good,they even went down on the son loves his car
Jan 18, 2016
This is the second vehicle I purchased from dada auto , I have got nothing from dada but excellent customer service and good cars , I would recommend this dealership to everyone.
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Dec 18, 2015
very good experience
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Oct 29, 2015
Don't trust their assessment of their cars. Get a used car inspection from a mechanic before buying from Dada. We were told the car was inspected and looked great. An hour into driving our car home after purchase, the check engine light came on. The mechanic we took it to says it was the dirtiest transmission fluid he had ever seen. You might get a good deal from them, but make sure someone else checks the car out before you buy it! We learned our lesson!
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Oct 2, 2015
Was ok not much said or further contact.
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Aug 10, 2015
Nice staff and nice cars . Thank u .
0 people found this review helpful.
Aug 4, 2015
Thank u so much Dada , I love my new car.
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Jun 21, 2015
Best service ever -:)
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May 29, 2015
Nice service, the car was not what we expected it was pretty bare bones but for the price it is an excellent deal. Staff was friendly, helpful.
1 people found this review helpful.
May 16, 2015
This was a terrible experience. Arriving at Dada, they were unable to startup any car I wished to drive. Finally, they were able to locate the battery (how sad is that) and jump start a test car. Immediate opon getting on the highway, the car nearly blow up, and cut off in the middle of the road. They were not surprised by this and acted as if this happens regularly. I suggest you stay away from this terrible place.
3 people found this review helpful.
May 3, 2015
good car dealer , with a lot of variety of luxury cars , easy to deal with , very reasonable prices ., I bought my car from them and I will take my sister to also buy her car from them .. everyone need to check them out.
Apr 10, 2015
Quick response
Apr 7, 2015
Good with the dealing but made multiple trips to Monroe from Pineville to check up on this car and finally took it to a mechanic and they said the underneath was completely rusted ... The dealership had a mechanic of their own and couldn't tell me that before I wasted my time?
1 people found this review helpful.
Mar 9, 2015
Got exactly the car I wanted at right price. They made it easy to get in and get out. Thanks!
0 people found this review helpful.
Jan 23, 2015
Outstanding service , cars , business and people .. Very happy with my new car ...
0 people found this review helpful.
Jan 10, 2015
They was great I am happy with them he staied late just so I could get the car on that day and have not had to do anything to the car I would buy from them again
Jan 3, 2015
Very nice staff. They walked me though every detail of my car. I got a great deal on my bmw 545i, love the car. they took the time helping me to connect my phone to the car Bluetooth, they changed my car breaks right there simply because I mentioned that they were kind of noisy. one of the best independent dealers that I have ever been to. I will most definitely send business thier way!
Jan 2, 2015
very nice people , very honest , bought my dream car from them 328i bmw .. the sales man was very helpful and knowledgeable .. thank u dada .... i will recommend this dealer to family and friends.
Sep 8, 2014
Changed down payment 3 times and talked down to me. Not trustworthy.
Apr 22, 2014
Good experience... they answered questions and had responded in a short period of time...
Feb 27, 2014
Staff took time to show several cars that were in my interest and price range.
Aug 8, 2012
My daughter is in North Caroline attending college. Totaled her car and had to find a new one. Dada was very open and gave me the time I needed on the phone to make sure I was making a good purchase. They were honest and upfront and I would highly recommend them for your next vehicle purchase. C.Nordyke

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