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i have chevrolet curze,, now i want to buy new car,, i am confuse,,need guidance which car i buy now,, my choice is skoda octavia or hyundai tuscan, which is good for buy,,,answer mail me dipu9110@g...

Fuse Box Lay Out

My Octavia 2006 classic fsi 1.6 has fuse box on RH side beside steering wheel UK. My fuse box beside dash is numbered opposite to diagrams I see online and in my handbook. Number 1 starts on RH sid...

Was The 1994 Skoda Favorit Good?

What was the quality of those cars? I know that the interior quality is quite dodgy, but how was the rest of the car? Were the components reliable and long lasting or were they a piece of junk, comp...

I Have Never Driven An Automatic Do I Need Instruction Or Is It Easy To Cha...

I hhave allways driven a manual car and am told that I will have no problem changing to an automatic is this right?

Smoking Car

when i start my car its very smoky for a minute or so then its fine,no loss of power or not useing oil or water,plenty of power

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