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2008 Saleen S281 Overview
2008 Saleen S281
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2007 Saleen S281
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2005 S281 Saleen

Does the 2005 S281 4.6L 3V 325 HP Engine have a electronic cut off (high speed) or was it bypassed when it was revamped by Saleen with the power flash system?

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Saleen S281 Overview

The 2007 Saleen S281 is based on the Ford Mustang the way a flaming Baked Alaska is based on vanilla ice cream. The folks at Saleen have taken the Mustang chassis and tricked it out to tremendous effect, transforming it from a classic pony car into a futuristic performance sport coupe.

Available in three trims (3V, SC, and E), and in two bodystyles (Coupe and Convertible), the 2007 S281 are beautiful machines. The interiors have a racecar feel, with leather seating and performance driving pedals; Saleen's body kit transforms the Mustang exterior into a curvilinear aerodynamic wonder, with side scoops and a retro-looking recessed grille.
But if you're buying a Saleen, you�re buying it for the engine, and the '07 S281 does not disappoint. A range of innovative V8 options offer tremendous power and torque under the hood.