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2008 Saleen S281 Overview
2008 Saleen S281
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2007 Saleen S281
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2003 S281 Saleem Mustang

My car isn't throwing any codes but it is showing that something is off , I need a service manual or something that tells me what the diagnostic says. Can you help me?

2005 S281 Saleen

Does the 2005 S281 4.6L 3V 325 HP Engine have a electronic cut off (high speed) or was it bypassed when it was revamped by Saleen with the power flash system?

Saleen S281 Overview

The 2007 Saleen S281 is based on the Ford Mustang the way a flaming Baked Alaska is based on vanilla ice cream. The folks at Saleen have taken the Mustang chassis and tricked it out to tremendous effect, transforming it from a classic pony car into a futuristic performance sport coupe.

Available in three trims (3V, SC, and E), and in two bodystyles (Coupe and Convertible), the 2007 S281 are beautiful machines. The interiors have a racecar feel, with leather seating and performance driving pedals; Saleen's body kit transforms the Mustang exterior into a curvilinear aerodynamic wonder, with side scoops and a retro-looking recessed grille.
But if you're buying a Saleen, you�re buying it for the engine, and the '07 S281 does not disappoint. A range of innovative V8 options offer tremendous power and torque under the hood.