I've Given Up On Restoring My 93 Sunbird Convertible....

My wife wants me to send it to the junkyard, but I'm having a hard time doing that. Is there a market for used Sunbird parts?


What Is A 1980 3.8L V6 Sunbird With 113,000 Original Miles Worth?

Body is in very good condition and no rips in the interior. Everything is original and not modified. Paint still holds a shine. Please email response to

Cooling Fan Switch And Relay

1988 Pontiac Sunbird got convertible. All options. Cooling fan does not come on, replaced relay no fix, ck temp SW is ok. Not getting ground to cooling fan relay. Is this signal from the bcm? I...

Where Can I Find The Fuse Diagram For This Make Model And Year

my heater fan won't blow i think it might be a fuse

Pontiac Sunbird Got Conv 1.8 Turbo Factory 4 Speed

How many were made with a factory 4 speed