Pontiac Pursuit Low Oil Pressure Light

Pontiac Pursuit low oil pressure light came on then the car stopped, added 3L of oil and the car will not start. while trying to start the car it will lock it's self. Will disconnecting and reconnec...

2006 Pursuit Lost Mileage And Will Not Start

I have a 2006 pursuit, the battery died and now when I go to start it nothing happens, press the info button shows no mileage, the coolant temp is saying -140. The raido says locked. But the anti ...


What Kind Of Coolant In Pontiac Pursuit 2005?

What kind of coolant in Pontiac Pursuit 2005? If green I need to buy some. I have orange from when I had my Neon. I just switched cars. The manual doesn't say colour but just Dextron or something (it...


Pontiac Pursuit

I have a pontiac pursuit that has code P0420 which mean catalyst efficiency below threshhold Iwas wondering would it be an o2 sensor or the catylitic itself and how can I tell which one it is Thanks