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Engine Swap

Ok I have a 2002 chevy z24 with a 2.4 and I was wondering if I could put that motor in my 2008 Pontiac g5

Water Leak Comes Over End Of Dashboard Runs In To Glove Box Pontiac G5

I Have A Pontiac G5. My Rear Passenger Window

I have a Pontiac g5. My rear passenger window wont move up or down. All the other windows work fine.

My 2007 Pontiac G5 Does Not Accelerate Sometimes. What Can Be The Cause

Blinkers Not Making Sound / Car Stalling.

earlier my turn signals were working, but werent making at sound. then, 20 minutes later, the car barely started up after being parked for 10 minutes. then everything was fine, turn signals had ...

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2006 Pontiac G5 Overview
2006 Pontiac G5

Pontiac G5 Overview

Ostensibly replacing the Sunfire in the compact car segment, Pontiac released the 2-door coupe G5 in the U.S. for 2007. Billed as their lowest-priced offering, and almost identical to the Chevy Cobalt, it has been sold for the past two years in Canada as the Pursuit.
There is little to distinguish the 2007 G5 from its Cobalt kin, aside from a few minor cosmetic touches, like the Pontiac grille and a rear spoiler, and the presence of electronic steering in the place of hydraulic steering. However, it is a sporty-looking coupe, and the GT trim adds on more performance-oriented suspension, tires, and standard features, such as XM radio and cruise control, to enhance the driving experience.
Though not priced any lower than the Cobalt, and certainly unable to compete with compact offerings from Honda, Mazda, or Toyota, the 2007 G5 does offer a lot more standard features than these cars and gets comparable gas mileage. Pontiac hopes it will entice new drivers to the brand name with its sporty looks, economy car specs, and relatively affordable price.

It's too early to tell how well it will do with drivers, though early reports suggest most people find it fun to drive, the GT engine plenty powerful, and the handling easy and solid. Critics suggest that Pontiac might want to give the G5 some more unique styling and features and improve the quality of the interior, creating more of a distinct personality for their new compact.

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