Rough Idle Raises And Lowers Now It Won't Start

engine idle goes up and down, now it wn't starte no spark to plugs tries to back fire while cranking engine

Anti-theft Immobilizer

I recently replaced my battery on my 1999 Plymouth Voyager and it tripped the anti-theft and now car won't start. I have tried turning the key into auxiliary for 10 minutes, I have tried unlocking ...

93 Voyager 3.0 Not Starting

Starter turns it over and it tried to start for about a second. Went through normal and flooded sequences several times. No start. I cannot hear fuel pump. Also don't see a fuel pump fuse.

How Do I Open The Air Filter Housing Box Without Clips For A 1999 Plymouth ...

I removed the Air filter housing box from the 2.4liter but there are no clips to open the box. How do I open the box?