Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Cars


Headlight Relay/fuse Location

I am trying to find my headlight relay/fuse location but the service manual doesn't give me the location. Does anybody know?

How Do I Diagnose No Dashboard Lights On A 95 Olds 98

Dashboard lights won’t come on for a 1995 Oldsmobile 98 how can I fix it.

Please Help Me Figure Out The Problem

My 1983 98oldsmobile ran hot and now the engine is dieing out on me what does that mean? Trying figure out what's wrong with my car

Hot -A/C Disablied

Car will shut off even if the heat is not running .Or when you are running the car put car in park the car will shut off on it's own.


Is There Supposed To Be Power To The Starter Solenoid At All Times?

I got a 1991 Oldsmobille 98 regency elite with the 3.8l w/no supercharger. My question is this. It randomly doesn't start but we checked the wires with a wirelight tester and I have power to the sta...

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