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2023 Lexus LX Overview
New 2023 Lexus LX For Sale
$90,815 - $130,905
$83,549 - $120,432
2022 Lexus LX Overview
New 2022 Lexus LX For Sale
$86,900 - $126,000
$79,948 - $115,920

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Lexus LX Questions

How Many Miles Will I Get Out Of My 2005 Lexus 470?

What If I Do Not Like Car Shipped?

what if i do not like car?

The Price Of Use Lexus Lx 470

2002 Lexus Lx 470 the seller is selling the vehicle for $ 4000. He said it " need lot of fixing up" should I purchase this vehicle?

Where Is My Listing?

Dear CarGurus, I paid the submission fee but still not seeing my Lexus vehicle listed for sale? Please assist? Thank you