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Fuel Injector Signal

Ok, this all started with raw fuel running out the tailpipe and since then I have done the following. New injectors. new cap,rotor,plugs and wires. new fuel pressure regulator. new distributor. chan...

96 Tracker Carbonated Single Fuel Injector With No Signal ,what Is The Prob...

Will not start ,idle speed ctrlv is clicking steady after fuel pump stops ,

96' Tracker Idle Failure

I have a 96' tracker that runs quite well. All of a sudden last week the idle failed and the engine stalled. The idle has not come back so I have to pump gas to keep it from stalling. How do I remedy ...

Why Is My Tracker Vibrating In Turns?

Anyone know why my Tracker started vibrating anytime its rolling above about 25. The vibration gets worse in left turns and goes away in right turns and is not engine related.


Why Does My Tracker Feel Like Its Always Shifting On Highway

i have a 94 geo tracker and on the highway the car seems like it is always shifting. like a constant back and forth surge. its not shifting because it does this while driving on flat road with no thro...

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