Anyone Had Any Luck Finding The Serpentine Belt "tensioner" For A Storm GSI...

My belt tensioner is off tracking badly and needs to be replaced. None of the local parts stores (not even Chevy dealer) can get one.

3.8 Mustang Engine Into A Geo Storm

I have a 91 geo storm in playing with. Is it possible to drop my 3.8 mustang engine in it??

I Asked A Question Here More Than 2 Weeks Ago Can Some One Help Me

1990 geo storm it ran fine then i did a tune-up ( plugs wires, distributor cap and button.) After that the car will start but it runs crappy and when i put it in gear it wants to die and chokes out. I...

Is There Any Way To Get A Set Of Headers For A 1.6

pace setter quit production and i have no clue were else to go