What Is Wrong With My Geo Metro?

My 1989 Geo metro is running ruff it seems like it could be fuel related so we replaced the fuel filter still running ruff?????????

My Son Bought This 1992 1.0 Geo Metro 300 Bucks With The Head Gasket Blown...

or do they have a special seal or gasket I can use the people my son bought the car from change the head gasket once before look like they smashed a hole in the new gasket where the bolt hole goes...

What Is The Gas Mileage Of A 96 Metro 1.3 Automatic

I am getting 25-28 mpg in my Geo.I thought they did better than that.

I Have No Compression

I have no compression, the timing belt is on right, everything seems to be in order. Any ideas?

1991 Geo Metro Radio Fuse Blows 15amp When I Turn On The Headlights

15amp fuse blows for the radio when I turn on my headlights