When I Turned On My Retarder I Heard A Big Clunk

I have a 2019 Fleetwood Discover on a Freightliner chassis I turned my retarder on this morning coming down a hill and it made a big clunk. I turned it off and then my service engine light came on.



Hi, I'm trying to sell my car on your site but I am unable to put my vin# in To communicate with buyers???? I've tried to put it in several times and it says its a S Class Mercedes.

How Can I Locate Information From A Car Posting On This Site?

How can I locate information from a car posting that is no longer available on this site? I purchased a vehicle and have had bad luck with it and it is leading to litigation. So if I can find the ...

Freightliner Won't Go Over 45mpg

My 01 freightliner car carrier with a cat engine will not go over 45 mph. All gauges and fluids are ok. Everything seems normal except that it just will not go above 45 and even slower in the hill...

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