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Ford EcoSport Questions

Where Is My Block Heater Cord Supposed To Come Out?

I just purchased the car today. Was shown the cord but when we got home the cords to short to hang outside the hood. Where is it supposed to be?

Where Does The Block Heater Cord Come Out?

I have located the cord but it’s to short to hang outside the vehicle. Where is it supposed to come out?

Car Suspension Modification

I want to lower my 2014 Ford EcoSport 1.5 TiVCT Ambiente but can't get hold of EcoSport coilovers. Can I fit Ford Fiesta coilovers? If not, which car share the same coilovers as Ford Ecosport?

Lemon Law Contestant???

I'm leasing a 2018 Ford Ecosport and I have had it since February 15. The car has been to the dealership to get worked on almost every month. First the door handles did not lock at a person's touc...

Can I Trade In A Car?

Is it possible to trade in a car?