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I'd love to get your guys opinions here ....just to test the water.
Lets say .... Inline 6 cylinder 3.0 multivalve ....what would you guys put on it?

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in what vehicle? or you just talking about general 6 cylinder? id probably do a turbo setup


My opinion about that is pretty well known. If it's for a racing application, hands down, it would be a bad assed twin turbo set up. However, for street application and everyday driving, gotta go with the supercharger. Just more practical all around.


yea but you cant beat the sound of a turbo spooling and the bov going off after you let out the load lol


In my boosted BMW I was going to go the Twin turbo way .....how ever there is absolutely no space ....I hardly got the T66 in there. ' Logan did you check the page on the Variable geometry turbo chargers .... the ones that don't use a waste gate ?


you must like that 9ff dont you ? haha but who wouldnt its a porcshe


Actually, no I didn't. Like I said, I'm not real big on turbos. But...I'd take a nice Lancer EVO or a WRX Sti; those seem to work quite nice.


Agreed, but there's a kit you can purchase to make the noise. I'll take the better on demand performance and less headaches. I LIKE uncomplicated.


I'm definatly more of a supercharger guy! alot more reliable, and less complication all around, plus turbo's are not recommended in winter driving so not so good for me in montreal. And as for the sound of the blow-off that's for suckers who want to show off. normally the pressure should be recirculated. I like to go with a sleeper anyways so supercharged it is!


Supercharger whine and air from a BOV are both going to let anyone around you know what you are packing. Sleepers are more set out for NA with larger motor swaps. IE. K20 EG Civics, a LS2 in a late 60's Chevy, etc etc.


Sorry I can't resist.... One or two of these... http://kalecoauto.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=39 (every car forum needs kaleco brought up from time to time and I haven't seen it yet here.)


Honestly depends on the torque curve. If you are getting good low to mid range torque, I would run a turbo set-up. If you are getting good mid to high range torque, I would run a supercharger. The objective of the forced induction set-up should be to compensate for where the engine lacks.


Heard That!




or you could just go with both a supercharger and a turbo ....


Depends on the engine, torque and of course, what you want. I drive a Honda, so Im not really into F.I. But you want serious power, turbo. You want daily driving get up and go, Supercharge. Twin charging is good on some applications, but only worth it on V engines I think...not on inline engines, the speperate manifolds and exhausts of course . Its more about boost application, but not much in the high rpm bands due to size of the turbos you would use. As for a supercharger and turbo set up.... nice to do but hell in pracitcialty unless you got the bucks, the equiment and know how. 3.0 multivalve.... Id go with Single turbo. Twin charging, Id get the Golf GTI 1.4TSI.


yea like the new kit for the r35 GT-R that is crazy! twin turbo twin supercharger. that would be a mess to fix if anything major went wrong.

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