What Is It Worth?

Would like to sell my 1978 Datsun 620 pickup and don't know what to ask for it? Paid $2000 five years ago. Has manual transmission, 4cylinder, stereo, rebuilt and upholstered seat, new seat belts, 192...

Looking For A 75 - 77 620 To Buy

I am looking for a 75 - 77 620 that is in decent shape. I had one in my teenage years and would like to recreate it.

New Cost Of 1979 4x4

What was the cost in 79 of a new 620 4X4

What Years Fenders Fit On A 620 Datson Pickup

I have a 76 datson 620 and I am having a hard time finding parts... I want to know what other years would fit and look the same...