Coolant Level Decreasing, Smoke From Exhaust After Engine Replacement And R...

So I have a Chery QQ (CHINA) and 5 years ago I switched out its engine with a DAEWOO TICO 0.8L Manual Carburetor Engine. All was running good when recently the fuel pump stopped working and for some...

My Car Daewoo Can't Start I Try Start Fluid Doesn't Work Do Nothing

I have Daewoo lanos 16v it can't start plugs firering timing is good i sprey qikstart meas start fluid nothing happen it doesn't have camshaft sander what must I do?

Daewoo Lanos 1.6 16v No Pulse

No pulse on injectors

2002 Dawoo Lanos Won't Start

Checked fuel pump replaced filter spark plugs battery cranks won't start.

How To Replace The Cooling System Distribution Pipe, Where To Start First

how to replace the cooling system distribution pipe, where to start first?