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2018 Chevrolet Volt Overview
2018 Chevrolet Volt
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Chevrolet Volt Questions

Lemon History

Details on lemon history. Can this be further explained by Carfax or others?

What Is Load Module Has A Ruptured Base.

what is load module on chevy volt has a ruptured base.

Why Are The Dealers Now Showing The Volt Car Battery With A Full Charge??

I have noticed how the dealers are not showing the Chevy Volt with a full or partial charge in the main battery. Not good for a customer looking for a Extended Range Car. Also, when I have gone to...

Trial Period

This will be my first range extended car. Not sure it will handle the Grapevine and other hills. How many days/miles can I test drive a vehicle? What is the return policy.

Demo Mandatory Km

I have been looking a new 2017 chev volt. I was at the local dealership and they had one marked demo.It has 700km and the said they give a discount. however the salesman said they need to drive it...

Chevrolet Volt Overview

Chevrolet's Volt aims to provide a way for 75+% of America's daily commuters to drive themselves to work without using a drop of gasoline. Able to travel up to 40 miles on electricity only and get recharged through a standard 120V electric outlet and an optional solar roof, the Volt will have a small gas engine that can drive the electric motor via a generator, but that engine will not recharge the battery pack. Buyers should be eligible for a substantial tax credit.

The Volt reminds some of GM's EV1 electric car of the late '90s, but the new car should have a much higher top speed, thanks largely to improvements in battery technology, though its pure-electric range will be shorter. The Volt will seat four, instead of the EV1's two, and its battery pack will be considerably smaller and lighter. Originally announced as a 2010 car, Chevrolet warned of delays in early 2008, but now expects production to begin in late 2010.

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