1998 Chevy Tracker Won't Start

The cam shafts chain broke so the engine stopped running. Everything was fine up to that point. I replaced the chain and lined up all the timing marks with the number one cylinder at TDC but now the e...


How Do I Tow Tracker Behind Motorhome?

What do I have to do to tow behind a motorhome. Do I set it in drive, netruel, or lift front or rear wheels???

Why Does It Stall?

It has 70000+ miles and it tends to stall when idling or if you turn it off to run into a store for a short time it does not want to start backup. After about 10 or 15 min. it will start and run fine ...

2001 Chevy Tracker Not Starting

We have this Manual Chevy tracker that ran for about 4 years but just shit the bed. Does anyone have any idea how to use a computer scanner to see if the car is making spark or power?