Car Has Problems When Going Up Hills Does Not Pick Up Speed ,,please Help

chevey optra 2004 having problems going up hill car will not pick up speed

Replace Starter Of An Chevrolet Optra 2007

I need to replace a starter for my Chevrolet Optra 2007


How To Unlock Hood Trunk And Gas Flap

I cannot open the hood, trunk or gas cap on my 2006 Chevy Optra. Is there a security switch locking those 3 items, or what. I appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks very much. :-)


Oil Pressure Light Indicator Appears Few Minutes After Starting

chevy optra 1.6c manual 2007. oil pressure light indicator appears few minutes after starting the engine, oil sensor (new), oil pipe + filter new. mechanic and electric specialists found a problem wit...

Charge Light Remains On After New Battery Installed

new battery was installed and when running the charge light stays lit