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1972 Nova

there is a 1972 nova im looking at geting it has the ss emblems but on the side there are no 350 emblems does this mean that the car is a clone or the car is missing the 350 emblems

Can I Put 1972 Nova Doors On A 1975 Nova?

can i put 1972 nova doors on a 1975 nova.I love the vent windows

73 Nova Transmission Is Giving Me Problems

I have a B&M z gate shifter and it doesnt seem to go into D. Its seems like it only stays in a low gear. when i drive, i have to mess with it to get it in a D position. Any help?


My 77 Nova Turn Off When I Change Into Gear Any Gear.

my 77 Nova turn off when i change into gear any gear, Mechanic told me it maybe my toque converter and or the transmission. is this correct?

What Emblems Go Here

I have a spot on my nova quarter panels that looks like an emblem is suppose to be but I cant find anything listed for this. Can you tell me what may go there?