Fuel Injector Leaking

I have serviced all injectors with new seals but it leaks all over the place I pushed firmly on the rail in insert them i noticed when i push on one side the other popped what do i do


99 Lumina Lights

i have a 99 chevy lumina and as soon as i start it the headlights are on, and cant turn them off no matter what i do. any ideas on what the problem is?

Security Light On Dash

what does light indicte also mine stays on sometimes


'97 Lumina 3.1 V6 "interrupted Acceleration"

My daughter's '97 Lumina has 93K and has been well cared for. Recently she informed me it had a loss of power, so I performed some maintenance: cleaned the MAF, seafoamed the intake, replaced the fu...

Fuel Lines, Can I Use Rubber Lines After Fuel Filter?

can i use rubber fuel lines after fuel filter? lines rusted.

Chevrolet Lumina Overview

The Lumina was created in large part as a replacement for the sedan version of the Monte Carlo. Although intended as Chevrolet's entrant into NASCAR, the Lumina was largely remembered as being the "Mickey Mouse car," as its early advertisements featured Disney characters. After just over ten years, the Lumina would be replaced by the Impala as Chevy's sedan.

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