Possible Engine Upgrade

I have the chance to get a motorhome for free that's newer then my old 85 chevy 454bbc and was wondering if I could use the engine and transmission out of the motorhome (which I believe is diesel)...

Towing And Daily Driver

I'm wanting my 85 chevy to be both a daily driver and a towing beast able to pull 15,000 lbs and was wondering what camshaft, suspension and other parts I need to make it so?

1984 C30, Manual Trans, Dually. Turn\flashers Won't Operate With Headlights...

troubleshooting!... Turn signals & or hazards will not function with headlamps on. Where do I start, & could the problem be in the steering collum?

I Have A Food Truck It’s 1983 Motor 350 V8 With Transmission 400

Lately my truck has a hard time shifting into gear specially when it the final shift. I changed modulator but it’s the same problem. What should I do?


63 Chevy C30 Engine Died While Driving And Now Won't Start

230 I6 engine died while driving home. Discovered no spark and changed coil, then points and condenser. Gapped points @ .019 as per specs. Ran like a champ, then died again after 1.5 miles. Cranks, ...