1963 409 Biscayne With Three Tail Lights??

In 1965 I bought a 1963 409 425HP Biscayne from a guy who got drafted into the military. The car only had a few thousand miles on it. I was only 18 years old at the time and I think I paid $1,700 for ...

Color And Code

What is the blue color called on a 1969 Chevy biscayne

Would A 65 Biscayne Be Worth Restoring

I have the option of buying a 65 biscayne for 800 im 18 years old and i would like to get into restoring cars as a hobby would this be a a good descion to be my first restore job

Air Filter

I would like to replace the metallic air filter element in my "58 Biscayne Blue Flame 6 cylinder with a Fram air filter element. What would be the Fram part number? Thanks...

Dome Light

How do I remove the bezel and lense to access the domelight lamp on a '58 4 door Biscayne?