What Other Year Vehicles Engines Are Compatible

What other year vehicles are compatible with the engine of a 2000bChevrolet Astro

Van Will Not Start When Wet And Windy.

6 cylinder astro van. it will start if hooked up to block heater.


Common Parts Between 2WD & AWD

another silly question! Sorry! My old 2WD 1995 Astro is looking less and less likely to be reparable. I can buy a 1995 AWD for a good price... are many of the ancilliary parts interchangeable? Have ...


What Is This Plastic Cylinder For

what is this? In front of the battery, not mentioned in my Haynes manual

1993 Chevy Astro Tire Pressure?

Tire pressure on the door for my 93 chevy astro is 35psi with stock 215/75R15 tires and 6.5" wheels, but tires were changed to 245/60R15 with 8" rims. Max pressure is 35psi for the front tires and 44...

Chevrolet Astro Overview

The Astro made its first appearance in 1985 and put Chevy into the minivan market, competing against American vehicles such as the Ford Aerostar and Dodge Caravan. However, for a van seemingly intended to be a family vehicle, the Astro was plagued by poor safety ratings.

The Astro had a much wider consumer base than simply families. The van was very popular among those looking for a conversion-van platform or for those that wanted to otherwise customize their vehicles.

Trims included CL, CS, LT, and Sport.

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