Have A 1988 Cadillac Allante Can't Get The Hood Open

slammed the hood too hard and the latch won't disengage. Sprayed wd-40 everywhere. The release latch works fine, but for some reason the latch won't disengage. Anybody have a suggestion?


Brakes 1989 All Ante

how to take ABS DISABLE off DIC (dash) do not have bouch systemNOW THANKS RED Ihave asked this many times NO ANSWER YETHELP

Where Do I Get An Evaluation

How do I get an evaluation for my car- its a 1993 with inly 10,295 Km on it.

Problem With My Driver's Power Seat

My seat goes every direction without any problem except backwards. I cancelled that automatic position, but that did not work. My guy I take it to says I need a new motor. Any suggestions.