Alfa Big Ends

will the sump come off an alfa 156 2.0 twin spark in-situ


My Offside Headlights And Dip Are Not Working. Changed Bulbs But Nothing. T...

I assume its some sort of relay but I cant identify which relay , any ideas?

How To Restart Computer

2,5i 24v


Can We Put A 2004 Facelift Front End On A 2003 Model Car???

I've seen guys on the net use the Kits from Autodelta to turn their normal factory GTAs with the facelift front end. I wanted to know that if I didn't want an Autodelta kit, was it possible to add th...


Sudden Momentum Drop

Hi I few weeks back bought Alfa 156 1.8 TS. While the car accelrating it's dropds the momentum suddenly for a second... this mainly happen at 1st gear, but it's ther even at 4th gear. Initially i tho...