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2021 Jeep CompassReview
Rebecca writes:

Great car. Kinda like a baby Grand Cherokee, which I love. I love the look of the Grand Cherokee, but prefer having a smaller car, so this is perfect.

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2021 Jeep CompassReview
Guru9TYYJQ writes:

I had a 2016 Jeep Compass and after test driving the 2021 Trail Hawk edition I had to have one! Jeep has made some major improvements. First of all it rides much better. I can’t say it doesn’t ride like a Jeep but it’s improved suspension makes the ride nicer. Second thing I noticed is the noise level. With the new models it rides much quieter than the older models. I like the more streamlined look too; it doesn’t look as bulky around the rear tires. All the technology they packed into it is just the icing on the cake! I can’t really compare it to other vehicles outside the Jeep brand because I’ve owned Jeep’s since 1998 but this is probably my second favorite Jeep I’ve owned. My number one favorite was my first one so I’m sure that’s simply nostalgia talking!

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Displaying all 2021 Jeep Compass reviews reviews.

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Needs sun roof overall good car though ! Great interior Read More

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Great value for the price. Comfy vehicle - tons of extras. Love it! Read More

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Great features for the buck on what I wanted. Wish it had more perks far as heated seats or automatic seats instead of manual adjustments. But wanted the Trailhawk model. Besides the start/stop servic... Read More

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Great features, luxury feel very spacious, leather seats back up camera. Read More

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Had everything I need and more. Was a great car and I love the how good my new car handles in my area as it is more rocky and out in the woodland areas Read More

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drove better than I expected smaller than I expected Read More

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