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2021 BMW 7 SeriesReview
Guru9KF1LD writes:

Overall my experience has been great. The sales rep Hassan Tovi was great to work with. He was able to answer all my questions and took car any issues I had that was in his power. As far as the dealership, a couple of things I didnt like. One is I am only receiving 1 key fob. And 2 I have to pay for the pick up of my Jeep Im trading in and pay for the BMW to be delivered to me. I think that since I live in a neighboring state that the delivery should have been free. I love the fact that Cargurus offer a 7 day return policy. Once I receive the BMW I will take it to a BMW dealership and get in inspected for any maintenance issues. So the return policy helps.

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2021 BMW 7 SeriesReview
Guru9QQQLF writes:

I’ve always wanted to continue to operate and drive a BMW the most amazing vehicle on the road

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2021 BMW 7 SeriesReview
GuruQMGGM writes:

I like the body style and color and the fact it a 2021 New Car. But Im not to happy with its pricing because tho its a Beautiful car its still just that a Car and it should be price as a Home with payments more than a Mortgage. Because unlike a House when purchase the value of it depreciation so quickly unlike the purchase of a Home.

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Displaying all 2021 BMW 7 Series reviews reviews.

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