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2019 Volkswagen GTI 2.0T Rabbit Edition FWD Review
Its what every review ever has said, good at everything. I want more straight line power, but its more than enough to get me into trouble and fun everytime I spool it up. Power is great where you really need it, like overtaking, and I look forward to every onramp (as well as driving period, for that matter). Torque is available just about everywhere above 1800 rpm in any gear. And if its your thing, its real easy to get more power out of it.. The chassis is amazing. Its so good it convinced me I dont need awd, because i can hardly tell the difference in a car set up this well, other than the improved gas mileage (if you have the discipline to keep your foot out of it). I cant say enough good about this chassis, I didnt know a fwd car could feel and handle this well. Aside from driving dynamics while maintaining reasonable gas mileage, the interior is great, seats are amazing, base sound system is very good, led lights and the fancy things the adaptive stuff does is very impressive, and of course the practicality of the hatch is undeniable, with back seats down rivaling crossovers and small SUV capacity. This is why I chose it over the WRX. You can feel its intelligence does remove some of the engagement, though, like all new cars unfortunately.
vs2019 Subaru WRX AWD
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