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2019 Tesla Model SReview
Guru9HPSJ9 writes:

Amazing car with outstanding performance, range, technology, and most importantly phenomenal and efficient customer service from Tesla. The performance on the “Performance” version (previously known as the “P100D) is unbelievably beyond any internal combustion engine vehicle I’ve ever driven (and I’ve driven most all high-line, super and track cars in production); however, that is not to minimize the performance on the “Long Range” version, which is incredibly fast in its own right, along with having an outstanding >400 Mile range per full charge. There’s not enough time or space to write the praises of this vehicle and I completely understand and appreciate how Tesla has become the most valuable car company (one of the top overall also!), making their maverick, peculiar, and idiosyncratic CEO Musk the richest man on the planet. Before concluding this review I want to alsomention that the constant OTA updates which Tesla consistently pushes to it’s cars, containing this such as improvements to existing software, performance, battery, handling, NEW features, apps, and technology (to make just a few) is very cool and feels like you are getting a new car upgrade every month or so. It’s no surprise that more and more car manufacturers are starting to do the same and plan to emulate Tapas even more in the near future. Lastly, I want to mention the “Autopilot” features you get, besides being very cool, are outstanding and combat driver’s fatigue vey well (mostly for Highway driving, but also some suburban driving). And I say autopilot, because “FSD” (full self driving) is sill in early beta testing and hasn’t been publicly released, whereas autopilot, which is also technically still in beta (but more refined and closer to the final product than FSD) has been released to everyone who purchased a Tesla with it. I happen to be one of the lucky beta testers for FSD, so let me also say that even in its relatively infant stage FSD is phenomenal, but definitely not ready for prime time yet; however, the bi-weekly updates to it have gone from incremental improvements to each version to now having exponential improvement with each new update (likely because of Tesla’s expansion of testers recently). I can confidently say that very soon FSD will do for suburban driving, what autopilot has done for highway driving, which is talking the “chore,” fatigue, boredom, and all negative aspects out of driving and freeing up the driver to scan everything around him/her more freely, comfortably, and confidently (analogous to what the original “Autopilot” did and continues to still do in aviation for airplane pilots). The safety ratings for the Tesla model S and really all the models, speaks for itself. And I would really like to caution prospective buyers researching their next car to stay away from reviews and “articles” on social media and you tube, because they are actually paid advertising for competitors, instead use reputable, and established channels to get your info, including, but not limited to official government sites, sites like this, TrueCar, car and driver, university channels, and if you must, even from some reputable social media influencers (the ones known to stay impartial regardless of whom sponsors their content). In conclusion (to make a long story, LONGER! ;>), this car is a 10 out of 10 in my humble advice and is an investment in your life, and not to mention the planet. So best of luck with your next car purchase, and remember to be patient and take your time. It’s healthier to re-think something a dozen times, to you content, before doing it, than to question your decision forever, because you didn’t think about it enough before doing it.

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2019 Tesla Model SReview
Guru74CJK writes:

I drove a 2013 Tesla for 5 years, then a 2018 Tesla P100D for 2 years. The best cars ever!!

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2019 Tesla Model SReview
Jcooney47 writes:

A little over priced but just loved the car. If it were a better sticker price, I would be driving it now!

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2019 Tesla Model SReview
Kobie writes:

Fast, plenty space, fun to drive. Problem is charging time

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2019 Tesla Model S P100D AWD Review
rebrown45 says:
The Tesla P100D is a very impressive vehicle in terms of acceleration. It handles well, and does a few autonomous driving tricks. It is not, however, a luxury car by comparison with comparably priced vehicles. The interior appointments are relatively austere, and it is noisier in the cabin than vehicles like a Mercedes S560. It does not feel elegant.
vs2017 Mercedes-Benz S-Class S 550 Sedan 4MATIC
2019 Tesla Model S P100D AWD winning categories:
  • Power
  • Handling
  • Looks/Style
  • Front Seats
  • Back Seats
  • Cargo Capacity
  • Family Car
  • Value
  • Would Buy
Front Seats Ranked 2017 Mercedes-Benz S-Class S 550 Sedan 4MATIC better.
"Front seats in the S550 are more comfortable and more cosetting. Seat bolstering and the massage function reduces fatigue. The armrests are heated."
Back Seats Ranked 2017 Mercedes-Benz S-Class S 550 Sedan 4MATIC better.
"Teslas interior appointments are relatively austere. The interior of the 2017 Mercedes S550 is rich and cosetting. Rear seats in the Mercedes recline, and they and they are heated and ventilated. The arm rests are also heated."
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