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2012 Kia SedonaReview
drecio writes:

Coming out of a Mazda MPV, the Kia Sedona is a huge step up. The EX model is everything I need for my 4 person family. Bought it in Gilbert Arizona and drove it straight home to San Diego California. No better way to get to know what you just paid for. I can’t wait to take my wife and kids on a road trip…

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2012 Kia SedonaReview
champ_48 writes:

looked great very good price i just went differnt modle

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2012 Kia SedonaReview
jamz7 writes:

Great value , only thing missing was a DVD player

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2012 Kia Sedona LXReview
Pollyanna writes:
Back Seats:
Cargo Capacity:
Family Car:
Fuel Economy:
Front Seats:
Interior Reconfiguration:
Maintenance Cost:

For Comfort, Safety, And Gas Mileage, I Wouldn't Own Anything Else! —

This car drives well, is comfortable and easy to get in and out of, whic is huge for me, since I have arthritis. I feel a lot safer in this van, than when I am driving a compact or even a mid-size car. Step in. step out. Plenty of room for me to haul groceries or the occasional purchase of a new bar-b-que grill or lawn mower. Great for hauling rummage to the church flea market, or transporting people in the carpool lane. It can't be beat on long trips for comfort and cargo space. Maybe not as great on gas mileage as some compacts, but not shabby on gas mileage eiither, rated at 18 city and 25 hywy, but when I use my cruise control, I easily get 27 hywy. When you buy a certified pre-owned Kia, you still get the bumper to bumper, 60K, 5 yr warranty- and the 100,000 mile, or 10 year drive train warranty... How can you beat that? I love my Kia Sedona, but wish they hadn't lengthened it, as it makes for blind spots all the way in the back.. And the close up magnifier circles on the side mirrors, only create enough distortion that it interferes with my view... They should have left them solid and as large as the 2005 side mirrors, or put in a video back-up system as a standard item on these longer vans. All-in-all, I love my Kia. I use it for everything!

Primary Use: Family transportation

Pros: Buying a preowned auto has its advantages, like several thousand off the price compared to a new auto, which depreciates 2-3K, the minute you drive you drive it off the lot..  I got a very good deal on this girl, with very low mileage and am very happy with the fuel economy, power, looks, leg room, and cargo capacity.  All slighyly improved from my older Kia Sedona. The comfort is great and she rides like I was driving on glass.  

Cons: Compared to my last Kia, a 2005 Sedona, which had ample power, I have to be careful when stepping on the gas..  It accelerates so quickly, I almost give my passengers, whiplash..  That's what they tell me anyway.. and I do have to watch the heavy foot more.  My 2012 is longer than the 2005, and I can't crane around well enough to see all he way out the back window, and the back-up warning device really isn't helpful, since it always beeps at anything within an 5 ft radius, making me have to climb out of the van each time I reverse, and walk in back to make sure there is nothing directly behind me.. I'm thinking now of adding my own video backup system.. Because beeps do not tell you what or where, only when, and I'm too ol to be doing all that walking to make sure it is only a parked car on the curb near my house that's creating the warning, and not some small child sitting on a trike. Maintenence costs are always bad on a Kia, because of the way they cram the engine into the motor housing and hide all the parts that usually go out on a car, behind it, causing almost every minor repair to require pulling the engine out to get to it, or disasembling the front end to get to the repair problem, which adds labor charges.  The steerling is a little touchy, no looking away while driving this auto.. There's goes my texting while driving!    Don't get excited...Just kidding!  Other than that- I' very pleased.  .

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2012 Kia Sedona EX Review
Guru3MNM1 says:
vs2007 BMW X3 3.0si AWD
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