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2010 Ferrari CaliforniaReview
Louis P writes:

Nice car good value especially for one owner

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2010 Ferrari CaliforniaReview
Vetteguy2015 writes:

Super fast. Lots of noise. Comfortable seating inside. And of course, its a Ferrari! Highly recommended this vehicle, even for old guys like me.

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2010 Ferrari CaliforniaReview
Guru3DZMC writes:

No doubt at all that virtually any model Farrari you wan to consider is outstanding, both from a performance (reliability) standpoint by also the “super cool” looks and reputation of owning one. Obviously the one drawback beside the price of some modes., is the limited number of dealerships and/or mechanics able to effectively service the vehicle. I was quoted from and extermely reliable dealship that normal yearly servicing (oil change, brake checks, etc.) will cost at least $2,500. Then again if that amount bothers you then you more than likely don’t need to seriously consider buying the “rearing stallion” to begin with.

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2010 Ferrari California GT ConvertibleReview
David writes:
Back Seats:
Cargo Capacity:
Family Car:
Fuel Economy:
Front Seats:
Maintenance Cost:

Finally A Ferrari That Makes Sense —

Carguru's review of this car completely misses the point. This car is not intended to be an all-out race car for the streets. If you want that, get yourself a 458. It is also not meant to be a proper 4-sweater. If you want that, get a 612 (or a Mercedes S-class). This car is intended to fill a niche previously ignored by Ferrari: a daily-driveable sports car that can fit small children in the back seat occasionally. Its an alternative to the ubiquitous Porsche 911. Anyone who calls this car ugly has not seen it in person. It's breathtaking. Ugly rear end? Only in photos. In person it has lines that are really aggressive and masculine - particularly in colors like Titanium or silver. (it looks mean in black, too). Anyone who criticizes this car as a poseur Ferrari is simply ignorant or has not driven one. I have spent a lot of time in the Cali - It is 90% as exciting to drive as an F430, but 200% more useable, with a seating position that is not quite so "go-cart" like, a decent trunk, and a truly comfortable luxurious cabin. To me, it's a 599 with rear seats and a convertible top. It will blow the doors off just about any other car, with sub- 4 second 0-60 times. Yet it is incredibly tight & solid. The ride is very controlled and comfortable. It handles beautifully, although body roll is a bit more than dedicated sports cars like the F430. The stereo is mediocre, but that is irrelevant because the engine note is so glorious that you dont want a stereo. If you're looking at an R8 or Aston DB9 or Maserati GTS, the Cali is superior in every way. It has a backseat, which the R8 does not. It runs circles around the DB9 and GTS. The new 911 is a better vehicle, but lacks soul (and looks like every other 911 roaming the streets). The only problem with the Cali is its price, but it's a Ferrari, not a BMW. Its a very rare car, and justifies its price. The best thing is that, since it was designed to be a daily driver, higher miles (20k or more) is not going to be a problem in this car. It is going to be a great used car buy when (if) it someday depreciates down to the sub-$150k range like the rest of the Ferrari line. Whether that will happen remains to be seen - so far, this car is holding its value very well.

Pros: Stunning to look at (in person), rare & exclusive, beautifully crafted interior, perfect balance between handling & ride, awesome acceleration & exhaust note

Cons: Back seat is minimally useful, long front end can be hard to get used to, Ferrari charges lots of extra $$$$$ for items that should be standard, like iPod connection and parking sensors

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Displaying all 2010 Ferrari California reviews reviews.

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