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2005 smart fortwoReview

Cool — nice and reliable vehicle. great in the winter and super on ice. cool after market accessories such as rear push bars front push bars and internal butons. the only isue is it has a slow Acceleration. but with a mod chip isnt so bad. perfect car for some one who drives alot. it gets 450k to a 20l tank.

Primary Use: Commuting to work

Pros: great on gas

Cons: slow  Acceleration

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2005 smart fortwoReview

Cute, Fun, & Practical — The perfect commuter car or first car for a teenager, this car is small, fuel economical, and easy to park. The interior's surprisingly spacious for a car only 8 feet long, with luggage space for lots of groceries-- or your golf clubs. It's loaded with safety features, rates similar to a Mercedes C-class (it's made by Mercedes), uses a different approach than most cars (ie doesn't rely on crumple zones!). It's rather fun to drive, particularly with the top down (I have a cabrio). It's engine is tiny, and horsepower is low by modern standards, but don't let the numbers fool you-- while it won't win any drag races, it's perfectly happy on urban streets or major highways. And many "smarties" get as high as 100 mpg (or as low as 3.4 L/100 km). While not for everyone, it's something more people should consider. After all, why drive more car than you need?

Pros: Fuel economy, easy to park, attention-getting, friendly and informative fan club (clubsmartcar.ca), really cute, safe, eligible for Canada's eco-rebate, and  available as a convertible or with a fabulous panorama sunroof.

Cons: Only seats two, it's light-duty build quality, maintenance is pricey (it's made by Mercedes).

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Displaying all 2 2005 smart fortwo reviews.

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Love It! Get The Tanks Off The Road. Get Into Something Smaller And Safer. By Jason

I hope this means that the age of excess and Hummers is over. Get exactly as much car as you need and no more. You might need more than two seats or more trunk room. If so, get it...but still think... Read More

Gas Saver By Texandoc

The smart car is very good on Gas. No problems in finding parking. For it's size it has a roomy and comfortable interior. The handling is great. It is a good buy for the price. Engine can get nois... Read More

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Smart Gb-10 1 Of 100 If You Aint Got One Youve Missed Out By Gordon

Fab little City Car. Limited Ed. GB-10 adds some nice extras. Very fast round town turns heads and most of all it makes me and the girlfriend smile when we drive it. Only one of its type in Aberdeen... Read More

Makes You A Glad Commuter By Tonny

Has it all - except for the infamous empty backseat. A lot roomier than you might think and has a decent trunk size for a microcar. Safetywise doable thanks do the sandwich construction and all the co... Read More

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A Must Have In Nyc By RemeNYC

The convertible top allows you to carry long items. I never worry about moving the car from a parking spot since I know I will always find another one. Freedom of moving around without the hassle. Su... Read More

Only For The Smart Car Enthusiast. Good To Be Project Car And Not Taken Seriously. By msgotti

Horse power sucks and transmission sucks! Very very very basic car for very very basic functions. Good car for a teen's first/starter car. Not meant for moderate driving and i do not advise highway or... Read More

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Cute, Fun, Peppy, Safe, Cheap To Drive!! By bugsaunt

I have a disability, and need very comfy seats, this doesn't have that. But, it's so fun to drive around town, and I always can find my car in the parking lot! I like seeing people point and smile! E... Read More

Great Commuter And City Car. By danzai

great car for getting around in the city. fine for freeway driving, not the best for climbing hills and high speed work but overall, a fine commuter. handling and braking are great - but acceleration ... Read More

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Excellent By Ane

super choice for crowded town! i still cry after my smart...too bad that now i have a family and a small daughter and i have to drive an Sandero 4 doors! excellent consumption too, and easy to handle ... Read More

Smart By Phillip

i love this car cuz of my little body kit and the eiback shock with my little flower design dont ask why. it has a suzuki gsx motor with dual exaust it gose so fast it gose atleast 290 mph Read More

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