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2005 Toyota Land Cruiser PradoReview
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2005 Lc120 Gx — The ultimate family car for Norway! Will safely and comfortably take you wherever you need to go. The high seating position provides excellent overview of the road. Lots of torque and power for pulling heavy stuff, and a four wheel drive system with a low-range series and lockable center differential.

Pros: Powerful, spacious, extreme off-road capabilities.

Cons: Norwegian tax rates for cars.

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Land Cruiser Prado

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2005 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado MeruReview

Greatest Disappointment Ever —

Bought a new LC 120 (aka Prado) new at the end of 2005, have cared for it well, serviced at the original dealer, fed it only premium brand fuel (diesel D4D) and after 100 km (5 yrs) had to replace nearly the entire engine because of faulty fuel injectors. One cylinder was nearly without compression, necessitating a new long block in addition to injectors, tubing, and pump repair. From what I have read, this is evidently a widespread problem with these particular engines and Toyota "acknowledgement" has been spotty world wide. Searching endless forums, I have read of many customers who claimed they were contacted and serviced through Toy's own initiative, some had to fight tooth and nail to at least get a break on the spares. Not a peep out of the local importer or the dealer for me though. The engine rattled like crazy when cold- as if someone had left a socket in one of the cylinders, after about 10k km. Engine warmed and problem disappeared pretty quickly. All was fine, acc to Mr. T's goons - characteristic of this particular model. After 60 k, winters meant especially cold morning would make engine cut out after about 1 minute of driving, necessitating restart, possibly twice on the way to work, but again, only when it was really cold. The noisiness was still there, but that problem went away when the engine warmed (3-4 min driving at this point)Went to the dealer immediately to report, and was given the thumbs up that the problem cleared itself out according to the computer diagnostic. Next (2010) season, same problem but in milder conditions, same bs from the dealer - probably bad fuel, nothing to worry about as the computer tested all systems go. The noise was taking a little longer to clear, but did so eventually This winter with just under 100 k km on the odo, and 2 weeks after the 5 year "unofficial" warranty period was over, I had to get towed and shortly thereafter learned the full extent of problem not only with my car, but the dealer who sold me this wonder. Turns out the dealer I had entrusted my car to all these years had lost his right to sell T's, even before I purchased it (?), but was still a service agent, then 3 years after purchase, he lost that too. Never dawned on me to check the credentials to that extent. I asked for references, but never for a confirmation that this joker was a legit Toda boy. The local Toy. imp. never informed me of the change of status, and when I approached them to address the BS with the car, they rubbed my nose in the fact that I had been going to an unauthorized service for the last 2 years and any possible warranty or goodwill service was out of the question. I bought the "king of the road" for 3 main reasons - LC legendary reliability, its enormous(kids and safety), and the roads around my place are not exactly low rider dominion. It was the only vehicle - new or used, out of about 25 different makes models over the last 15 years (work fleet) that has ever had such monumental problems, and the only with serious engine troubles. Cars get trashed or sold because they get banged up, elec windows quit working, upholstery looks dank and start to smell, they go out of fashion, but never, ever have I had or know anyone who has had a car peter out due to engine or tranny problems. For the extortion-level pricing Toyo. Europe wants for this auto, especially compared to a better equipped far more luxurious, well appointed US-version, I have thought I was buying something other than the biggest, most overpriced POS I ever wasted money on. After 5 years I had a repair that was nearly 1/2 the value of the car, and for that, Toyota will never see my money again. I would not have been bothered one bit if Toyota came to me to fix the problem that was their doing, not mine, but they treated me like crap. In fact, any notice of a recall would have reaffirmed my idea that they are world-class and, okay, they goofed, it happens, parts come out... new ones go in... and I drive away feeling good and my car with a new lease on life. Now I'm PO'ed to no end, as they stuck it to me twice in a painful way. I bought it hoping to have peace of mind for 400 k km, thinking I would, as they say, drive it until the wheels fall off, and now, I'm afraid, that might just happen.

Primary Use: Family transportation

Pros: its gone

Cons: it took a bundle of money with it

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2005 Toyota Land Cruiser PradoReview

Looks — Its the way you can just be there driving with it, no need to go fast, just cruise and feel good with the car and the music that you like to play, it is also good for modding that makes it a very good S.U.V

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

Pros: Comfy :D

Cons: have it stock

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2005 Toyota Land Cruiser PradoReview

The Toyota Prado — I love the power that it has. The breaking is very powerful. It needs no repair. We need to put seat covers for safety and the outside color (black) is awesome. It costed about SR 86,000. My wish is to test this car's limit on the highway.

Pros: The power of the car.

Cons: The syuspension is powerful so the ride is rough.

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Displaying all 4 2005 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado reviews.

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