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2004 Mercedes-Benz CL-Class CL AMG 55 CoupeReview
Dondi2 writes:

Best Car Ever Made. — I love this car so much. Although she is a 2004, she is still faster than the heavier 2008 CL 63 AMG and better interior. She zips through traffic jams as if they weren't there. She is luxury at its finest. Talk about solid; this car is a tank. When the door closes you feel like you've been sealed inside a vault. The AMG has more airbags than any car in its class. And the roar of this engine alerts everyone to your coming. When fools pull up next to you in some sort of BMW or Rolls-Royce, you can leave them at the light wondering why they wasted their money. Girls love this car and Guys will always walk up to you with questions and admiration. The police stop you just to see the interior. Being a young man, old guys are so jealous when the see you in this. There were only 300 of these cars imported to the United states, a rare car.

Pros: Neck-snapping speeds and quickness with 500 HP handmade engine. A ride unlike you have ever experienced. Smooth as silk. Engine sounds incredible. Best interior of all the Mercedes-Benz ever made. Touch shifting, auto start, park assistance are just a few of the cool toys every car company is copying now. Cruise control is the best ever. Dynamically slows your car down when approaching an auto in front of you. The car can automatically stop without you pressing the breaks. It can actually freak you out for a second. The brakes are so huge and can stop this pretty monster on a dime. Very roomy for a coupe too. Crowd pleaser.

Cons: Hard to find. Very expensive even at the used car lot. Expect to pay out of the nose for one of these. Gas is a con no matter what car you drive these days. This handmade V8 that kicks out 500 HP only uses high octane. If you get into any accident or need this car fixed, you will pay so much. The regular Mercedes-benz service won't touch it. They call in an AMG specialist to service your car. This can be three times more expensive than having a regular Mercedes-Benz serviced. And having any OEM car serviced is very expensive as is. I do not recommend to a friend or anyone just because this car is kind of impractical. You can get a CL 500 and look just as good, but won't go nearly as fast but you save money. And if you're a "minority" driving one of these expect to be frequently pulled over for no reason what so ever. Hey, I'm only telling the truth. Stick to your Ford Focus and you'll be fine.

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Displaying 11 - 11 of 2004 Mercedes-Benz CL-Class 11 reviews.

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