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2004 Lamborghini Murcielago Coupe AWDReview
Allen writes:

Nice, Fast Car To Have — what can i say, its a lambo. great handling coupled with rocket like accerlation, awsome sounds, and a gorgeous body, what more could you want

Pros: everything, performance, power, handling

Cons: none, though maintence fees do add up (although if youre stepping up to this league it shouldnt matter)

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Reviews From Other Years

2010 Lamborghini Murcielago Reviews

Completely Perfect By Shaquan

acceleration: is unbelievable Fun factor: there's no competition against it gas milage is horrible but if you have the money who cares over 500 000 dollars it okay except for registration and insuran... Read More

2009 Lamborghini Murcielago Reviews

Best Car By Mcanroe

colour is awesome performance is sexy rims are good and seats are very comfortable. i got a gps locator , 5 cd changer,etc . when i bought it feels like heaven while driving the car even on india... Read More

Awsome By Cody

Very beutiful car but I get nervous during the night that someone might steal it so I built a garage with 23 locks to open it.The performance is good acceleration OK braking and OK handling.My car has... Read More

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Review By Guru9187GB

If you have ever driven one it’s like being is the Kentucky Derby riding a quarter horse and winning every race !! Read More

The Lambo Lp 640 By Alessandro

its 0-60mph in 3,1 sec 60/0 in just 50 meters its one of the fastest cars i think, it needed new paint job because it got scrached on a speed bump, The style of my car is just amazing, mantainance is ... Read More

2007 Lamborghini Murcielago Reviews

I Dont Have Any By Roky

Performance is great because when you hit the pedal especialy if you have HAMAN version your have 0-100 kmh in like 5 sec ;) even handling is great In Build quality well for me it dont need any repa... Read More

Crazy By Andy

i love the perfomance how it goes 100 in 5 seconds..the brakings are crazy coz it takes a seconds to stop...it doesnt cost much when it comes to fuel..oohh!! yes it is fun to drive..i love it Read More

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Lambo By Thomas

drove this car on a track day was absolutely brilliant looked amazing went like a rocket was a superb 6.0 litre engined car. loved the acceleration and the handling best car ill ever drive. the cockpi... Read More

Club Del Toro Furioso By racethis2007

Lamborghini has always been known for making top notch supercars. They're top notch in both looks and quality. I love my Murcielago and judging by the performance it loves me back. It's great to drive... Read More

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