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1999 Isuzu Amigo Review
Duane says:
ALL AROUND GREAT GET TO WERE YOU NEED TO BE. The seating although tight for all passengers close to or above 6 is more than adequate for my family of four, the infant carrier a snug fit past the passenger seat( inconvenient but manageable). 15mpg average for a v6 was great for a quick commute. five star power and handling with car tires, hugged corners better than any sports car Ive controlled(240sx, integra fire-bird....) none would hold a corner as well as this. Features push and go 4x4 you couldnt get it stuck with out putting on a pole or barring it past bumpers. ONLY CON- i found the short wheel base to be unpredictable/uncontrollable in drifting stuations, often resulting in a 180 manuver.
vs1994 Buick Skylark
1999 Isuzu Amigo winning categories:
  • Power
  • Handling
  • Looks/Style
  • Front Seats
  • Back Seats
  • Cargo Capacity
  • Family Car
  • Value
  • Would Buy
Handling Ranked 1994 Buick Skylark worse.
"shorter wheelbase and rear wheel drive with 4 wheel quick option"
Cargo Capacity Ranked 1994 Buick Skylark worse.
"fold flat rear seat"
Family Car Ranked 1994 Buick Skylark better.
"easy fold up front seats+decent head room =convenient carrier in and out. More to be decided"
Would Buy Ranked 1994 Buick Skylark worse.
"modifications and personalization- with the amigo you can drop it low and make it go or jack it up and never get stuck"
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1999 Isuzu Amigo 2 Dr S V6 4WD ConvertibleReview
rblockiii writes:
Back Seats:
Cargo Capacity:
Family Car:
Fuel Economy:
Front Seats:
Maintenance Cost:

Most Fun I've Ever Had On 4 Wheels. — The convertible top allows this little SUV to carry a much larger cargo that intended. With the addition of a tow-hitch and a carry-bar, I can transport canoes and kayaks up top. Has always handled 4-wheel drive operations flawlessly.

Primary Use: Family transportation

Pros: Just a fun car to drive.  4-wheel drive when you need it, great acceleration, and small enough to get into places where other SUVs have to pass on by.

Cons: The frame is rusting.  Isuzu issued a recall on the stabilizer brackets - only.  But, the fact is; the entire frame is vulnerable.  I have welded several holes already and I chase the rust with Eastwood products.  But, I fear this is a losing battle.  I try to keep my cars for two decades.  As an original owner, I am disappointed with this car company.  Isuzu messed up, and needs to step up and perform frame replacements, or buy-backs for original owners of this vehicle.

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1999 Isuzu Amigo 2 Dr S V6 SUVReview
Steven writes:

Good Buid High Parts — not a 4X4, performance is good, great quality build, appearance is ok, cheap to buy , until something breaks then it hits your pokcket book. it can take a turn about 70 mph no prob. depending on the curve. lol lol

Primary Use: Commuting to work

Pros: cheap on gas

Cons: no room

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Displaying all 1999 Isuzu Amigo reviews reviews.

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Its Fantastic To Drive Rain, Shine Or Snow By Christina

IT has tons of power, i love the color, and it runs great. The performance is fantastic, the gas mileage is deceint the cost of insurance isnt that bad and its so fun to drive. I love my Car.:) Ta da Read More

Don't Get An Isuzu Amigo By Lian

Didn't have enough room for my friends in High School, had a bunch of accidents with it, one that was pretty serious. Old, but ran good, fun in the summer, could take top down. Wish I had a better car... Read More

1994 Isuzu Amigo Reviews

Love It. By Alexander

Car handles well for its type. 21.9 gal tank makes it rear heavy and feel like a v6 in this model would better balance torque vs. weight issue. Best design for amigos ended in 94 with latter ones havi... Read More

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Good Daily Driver With Weekend Outdoor Trips By Ben

This thing was unstoppable with a 2.4L diesel. Awesome rig plenty of torque fun to drive a bit hairy on some corners but nothin was funner to drive even with the fam in it. Good times were had when we... Read More

Car Got Me From A To B By Kyle

The A/C was the best thing I liked about this car, especially living in AZ. This SUV ran strong with no major problems, the back seat had more leg room than one would think just by looking at it. Read More

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1992 Isuzu Amigo By Bryan

Was a 2 wheel drive that I treated like a 4 wheel drive. It had just as many air miles as road miles and I even lost a friend out the back once. During the Winter it had two climate zones cause of... Read More

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Got It For Free, Says It All. By Steven

Pretty dam fun. Out did a lot of bigger 4x4 trucks. Can handle a good amount of incline. Lots of fun in the mud. Love the pop off convertible roof. Wish I would have checked my fluids LOL. Overall I h... Read More

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