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1998 GMC Savana Cargo G3500 Cargo VanReview
Zach writes:

Great Work Truck —

I bought this van not too long ago, and since the dealership is closing, the dealer told me that if I give him $4500 cash for the 1999 Ford Expedition that I was looking at before, he would give me this for free. So now both are in my driveway. The performance is mediocre, but acceptable for a van this size with such high mileage (521,000 km). Braking is good since I had the brakes done, and handling is alright for a van. Build quality is great since it has been going this long with no burnt oil and on the original engine and transmission. The appearance makes me think of the type of van that abducts children so I will be putting my company logo on the side nice and big. Interior is pretty bland. Two things I really like about inside is the shelves in the back and the tool box the previous owner built between the seats. The gas mileage is crappy, I'm not going to lie about that! Maintenance should be fine judging by what my father has had to say about these vans out lasting their owners. And I would not call this van fun, but it is quit entertaining to floor it and make the front end lift up. Overall this is a great van for my line of work and I hope it will suit my needs for as long as possible. Again thank you for checking out my ride, and I hope this review is helpful. Have a nice day.

Primary Use: Utility (towing boats, transporting cargo, etc.)

Pros: Workhorse, powerful, sturdy.

Cons: Gas mileage sucks, and poor visibility

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