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1998 Dodge ViperReview
Guru9T525B writes:

One badass car, an American icon. Perhaps not for the uninitiated, but for those that want pure Cobra like performance, I think this is it

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1998 Dodge Viper GTS Coupe RWDReview
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An Impressive Snake — This car resonates with all 5 senses and is amazing to drive. it's loud, fast, and actually comfortable, although it can get quite hot. I wish I could own more of these. This one is rare due to the replication of the GTSR, and that it is track-ready.

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

Pros: style, power

Cons: fuel consumption

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1998 Dodge Viper GTS Coupe RWDReview
Paul writes:

Viper Gts/r Number 52 — This car is not just a GTS but a GTS/R one of 100 and built to commemorate the FIA GT Win in 1998 this is car number 52 and it was car 52 that won the championship. The original owner was Justin Bell who won the championship for Dodge

Pros: The looks the handling and the previous owner

Cons: None

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1998 Dodge Viper GTS Coupe RWDReview
Tanner285 writes:

Dodge Viper Review — Performance: acceleration in the higher rpm range is extremely noticeable. Car seems to really take off in the lower gears and breaks the stock Pilot Sport's loose at all chances. Build Quality: car is built like a rock. Only downside is that the clutch pedal is very soft until you reach the friction point. Appearance: what more can you ask for? This iconic car from Dodge sets itself apart from all other cars out there. Snapping necks left right and centre. Cost of Ownership: EXPENSIVE! Fun Factor: If fun were 10/10, this would probably be 100/10...if that were possible.

Pros: Fast & Sexy

Cons: Expensive

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Displaying all 1998 Dodge Viper reviews reviews.

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